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One of the most common questions we get asked is what should I be looking out for when I buy a Porsche.

There is no simple answer im afraid, we do for a living day in day out and do have an innate instinct of what is a good car when buying stock.

Most cars will have had some form of cosmetic paintwork especially the older cars and this should not be of concern if all the panels are original and there are no signs of accident damage again this where experience comes in.

Mileage again is not an issue as long as the car has a good service history as a high miles car will have had a lot of the common issues addressed and will be good value compared to a low miles car.

Amount of owners again is not a concern as most Porsche owners want to work their way up the ladder, a lot of these cars change hands every couple of years and the oldest 997 as an example is now 14 years old so 7 former owners is not unusual.

Of a more serious note is the bore scoring issues of the Gen 1 997s and 3.2 Caymans from experience is affects 80% of the cars on the market hence the lack of Gen 1 stock on our website and the amount of cars advertised with engine rebuilds so very important to make sure a car you are buying has had a boroscope check carried out .

A car with a rebuilt engine will be slightly more expensive but will offer major peace of mind motoring and a gen 1 car is truly a lovely driving car.

We constantly have 2/3 cars in the process of having the engines rebuilt.

This does not happen on the Gen 2 cars or the Turbo variants.

People also talk about the IMS bearings on the earlier cars however we have never found this a major problem as it only affects a very small percentage of cars and a simple IMS upgrade will fix this problem.

The 3.4 cars have a dual row bearing as standard so not affected, in fact the early 3.4 996s are a joy to own and drive with very of the issues suffered by the later cars and capable of reaching very high mileages with no issues whats over.

People are now waking up to this fact and prices have soared in the last year or so.

I hope this brief guide helps I obviously cant cover every eventuality but buy the right car and you will be a Porsche fan for life.

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